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▶ 包子| 18 | ♀ | Canada |
▶ ENG丨中文丨 OK !
▶ About: Hello, I'm Bun! Full time weeb, professional food connoisseur, and polar bear wrestler.
I like to draw anime and things I find pretty.
Makoto Tachibana, Chrysanthemum tea, Hong Kong style milk tea, food, and sleeping make me happy.
Thank you for the watches, favs, and comments!
Please note me or contact me on sites which I am more active such as twitter for urgent matters.
你好,我叫包子! 我喜歡畫漂亮的嘢。中國語不是我的母語。好多時候我需要用字典明白字。但是我會盡量溝通~ 請對我很好-哈哈哈哈;;
▶ Status: Fire emblem hell
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This species is currently a work in process. Frequent changes are likely to occur until completion. 

🔶 🔶 ▶ Senfee Concept and Information 🌟

Senfee is an original species made by Pork-Bunny They are a closed species that are a WIP. It is not permitted to make a Senfee on your own.
Please don't, I've spent hours brainstorming ideas into creating this species.
I made came up with a lot of specific traits that it shouldn't be coincidental if I see anything with the same traits.
I'm not referring to physical traits. Please understand that I do not own the idea of toys/plush gijinka, different shaped pupils, and etc.
Physical traits are very 'precarious'. What mainly makes Senfee an original species is their story.
It would be extremely disrespectful and heartbreaking if I see anyone making anything cognitively similar.
  • About the name
    • Senfee (Sen•Phi)comes from a mix of two languages. 
    • The original name was suppose to be based on the words 小仙 (Xiǎo Xiān). However, I wished to avoid using obvious cultural names and found alternatives. Keeping the character 仙 in mind, I found alternatives in other Asian languages such as Korean (Hsien) and Japanese (Sen). In the end Sen was chosen because it was the most simple of the options I had made available. 
    • Fee means fairy in German. I picked German mainly because I was was inspired by the short stories from the 'Grimm's Fairy tales' which is something I had studied in a literature course.
    • Basically, they are called fairy fairy.
  • About the Species (general) 
    • What are Senfees? 
      • Senfees are a type of fairy/spirit from another dimension 
      • They inhibit handmade toys that were made with an abundance of emotions. 
    • How and why did they come to Human world? 
      • The world they are from is quite lonely and spacious. They have no physical form, and are much like will-o-wisps in their home world. 
      • By coming to the Human world they can gain an awakened physical form. In this physical form they can interact with the surroundings of the human world. 
      • An essence formed when a Human and Senfee bond. This essence is something a Senfee likes to feed on, which allows them to grow and allows their magic to grow stronger. It is possible for them to live with out this essence, but they may not be able to transform into a Human form.
      • Like most spirits, there must be a gateway that allows them to enter the Human world. For Senfees, they prefer to enter the Human world through handmade toys. 
      • There is also another requirement and that is a celestial source. Senfees are born under one of the three celestial sources. The stars, the moon, and the sun.There are different senfees with different powers from each source. More about the different Senfees under the section ‘Types of Senfees’ 
    • Why Handmade toys? 
      • The emotions such as love and care that were put into the making the toy will influence what kind of Senfee will be born from it. The personality of a Senfee that best corresponds the emotions that were put into the toy will be the Senfee that inhibits the toy. 
      • For this reason, this is why the toys must be handmade. The stronger the emotions, the more likely Senfee can be born from the toy. 
      • Unfortunately, as time becomes more modern and machines are more prevalent. The Senfee population in the Human world is slowly becoming scarce. Machines hold no emotions in making toys, and toys that are handmade for mass production do not have enough emotions to house a Senfee.
      • Therefor the key for a Senfee to be born is a toy that was made with lots of emotion such as love and care.
      • The toy that a Senfee is born from does not matter. The purpose of the toy is for it to act as a body for the Senfee to inhabit.
    • Can Senfees die?
      • Senfees do not die, but their spirit will go back to the realms which they originally came from if the toy they were born from is not taken well cared of or destroyed.
      • Some Senfees do not have owners and will seek one for shelter and bond in order to survive better in the human world.
      • Some will return to their dormant state to conserve energy and hide in a secure space until the right owner comes across them.
      • With out an owner it's difficult to survive unless they have stronger magical powers. Senfees with out owners are more prone to damage to their dormant form because they may not have shelter or anywhere to keep protected. 
    • Can they reproduce?
      • No they cannot. They are spirits, not creatures. 
      • There is no such thing as a half human half Senfee. It is not possible... 
  • Types of Senfees (General appearance and key traits) 
    • All Senfee
      • Are gender less, but do have preferences of what gender form they wish to take. 
      • The awakened form is about the size of a large apple (Around 10cm tall) 
      • The dormant form is the toy they inhibit 
      • Have certain pupils that correspond from what celestial source they were born from. It is very for a Senfee to only have one pupil that corresponds to their source, and one normal pupil. This is often an indication of weaker Senfees and are not commonly found in higher level Senfees. 
      • Most commonly on their lower back, they have a a marking corresponding to their celestial source. Some Senfees have this marking on other parts of their bodies, but they are more rare. From common to rare to 'legendary' rare; lower back, Limbs, stomach, chest, neck, back of neck, upper back, and forehead. 
      • There are two different celestial markings for each level of Senfee. Star or Shooting star, Crescent or Full moon, Circle or Sun. 
      • In awakened form they have iridescent or glowy/dewy like skin. Matte skin is VERY rare, and may be a sign of weakness (unknown because it is so rare). 
      • The more magical power they have the more Human like they can be. 
      • Can have a human form under certain conditions. 
    • Aster (Star)
      • The most common Senfee 
      • Born during a clear starry night
      • Has little magical powers. 
      • It is said that they can bring you good omen if you have one with you.
      • The most dependent on human bond.
      • Can generally only switch between their awakened form and dormant form.
      • Can have a human form only under certain circumstances. With the presence of a sapphire asteria stone, they can transform into a human form during a full moon once a month, and at most six times a year. However, they must have a high enough bond with their Human owner in order to do so. 
      • Transformations are extremely draining in magical energy, so please to not force a senfee to transform. Make sure they get plenty of rest afterwards.
      • Their celestial marking is a star or shooting star
      • Pupils are star shaped.
    • Luna (Moon)
      • A rare Senfee type
      • Are only born during a full moon on a clear night.
      • Even when a full moon is out, a star Senfee could be born instead of a moon one. The emotions used in the process of making a suitable toy for a moon Senfee must be a lot stronger.
      • Has quite a bit of magic. It is said that they will keep ailments away, keeping their owner healthier.
      • Can switch between their awakened form and dormant form and human form.
        •  HOWEVER, only during a full moon once a month they are able to transform to their human form. Much like star senfees, transformations take a lot of power. So please do not force a Senfee to transform, and make sure they get rest afterwards if they do.
      • Their celestial marking is Crescent or Full moon
      • Pupils are crescent moon shaped.
      • Irises are often dark colours.
    • Soleil (Sun) 
      • The odd Senfees that defy common logic. One would think they would be the most common since it’s common to to have a clear sunny day.
      • Unlike their counterparts the star and moon Senfee that are born under celestial light. The sun Senfees are born in the shadows of a solar eclipse and not during the daylight. Making them the rarest of all Senfees.
      • They are also only born from toys that are quite old, and valuable.
      • Often called the Royal Senfee.
      • Hold a great potential of magic. It is said they can heal ailments, and will keep their owner healthy.
      • Can switch between their awakened form and dormant form and human.
      • Transforming to their human form does take a lot of their power. Even though they can transform whenever they want. It is less strainful for them to transform under a clear sunny day.
      • A common belief to why sun Senfee can transform so freely is to hide their identity and avoid being stolen. Their healing powers are highly valued.
      • The most independent
      • Their marking is either Sun or Circle 
      • Pupils are round and have a white ring around them. 
      • Irises are often bright colours.  
  • Taking care of a Senfee
    • Senfees are rather sturdy in their awakened form. It is just important that their dormant form is not damaged. 
    • As Humans, they are exactly like humans. It isn't possible to tell from appearance that they are a Senfee unless they get a examination. 
    • Most Senfee require a lot of attention. Especially the Asters. They are a companion that will be loyal to their owner for a lifetime.
    • They do not need food, but they do like snacks. The taste of senfees varies from one to another.
    • They survive mostly on the bond between themselves and their owner. Make sure to take the time to build a strong friendship with your Senfee. The stronger the bond, the stronger the Senfee
    • How long a senfee can survive on their own away from a human companion depends on their power and will. 
    • The toy that the senfee inhibits must be taken care of. The condition of the toy reflects the condition of the senfee. If a toy is damaged, the senfee will become weak.
    • If the toy is destroyed, the senfee that once lived in it will return back to the spirit realms where it originally came from.
    • A senfee views a destroyed toy as being most likely caused by an owner's carelessness, distrust, and neglect. Senfees are creatures that live off the bond between their owner and themselves. Once a senfee is betrayed, it is difficult for them to forgive, and it would be unlikely that the senfee will return to their owner. So please take care of your senfee!!
      • However, if the toy that a senfee inhibited is destroyed due to an accident that wasn’t caused by the owner and the senfee is aware of it. It may return to the owner if their bond is strong enough.
    • Senfees that return to their owners will not have the same physical appearance. Again, a senfees form is based entirely on the toy they will be reborn from. Even if an almost exact replica of the original toy that the senfee inhibit is made, their appearance may still vary.
    • They will not get sick, but can become weak or injured. 

  • Mood: Happy

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