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[Doubutsu High] Mint Tsang by Pork-Bunny [Doubutsu High] Mint Tsang by Pork-Bunny

Thank you Rainikloud for inviting me to join Doubutsu-high. It's been about a month since I was invited, and I finally have my application done.
Mint use to be apart of an old RP group which was closed down. Old reference here
ahh sorry everything is kinda rushed. I've had literally maybe 4 hours of sleep in the past two days lmao.
I tried to keep some of her old traites cause I didn't want to change her 100% ahaha I'll expand on her information when I don't feel so dead.

✦[ Role play with me via | Notes | chat room | comments | Skype ]✦

Name: Tsang, Mint - 曾薄荷 - Céng bòhé
Nationality: Chinese
Age: 16
Birthday: December 28th
Year: 1
Class: B
Gender: Female ♀
Orientation: Straight
Height: 5"3"/ 160 cm
Weight: 111lbs / 50kg

Animal: Dog
Species: Canine
Breed: Pomeranian

✔ Eating
✔ Cooking
✔ Fashion
✔ Being around others
✔ Trying new things

✖ Being teased
✖ When her recipes don't come out well
✖ Language course
✖ Being alone
✖ Her height

▶》 Curious - She's interested in lot's of things and gets curious easily. Hence why she is always first to jump at a new opportunity. She is always willing to try new things, no matter how bad the outcome could potentially be.
▶》 Energetic - Mint is just a little ball of energy, because of all this energy she has. Her parents felt it would a hassle to raise anymore children. She was more then enough. When others are around her, they may describe her as loud. ie she's that short and loud little asian girl
▶》 Positive - She always tries to see the better things in the bad. She rarely get's angry, and tries to be understanding. It's quite hard for her to feel upset about situations. Even if she is, she tries her best to make a smile and say everything is alright.
▶》 Persistent - Tends to be persistent and clingy towards some people she is fond of. If she takes interest in you. You basically have a stalker you're dealing with.
▶》 Childish - Tries to be mature, but more or less ends up being like a child.

▶》Mint was born in Hong Kong on December 28th. Ever since she was born, she always had a positive vibe. Her parents showered her with love and care, because she was an only child. As Mint grew, her parents felt that it would be better to raise their child somewhere quieter. The city life wasn't suitable for their growing girl. Mint and her family said good bye to Hong Kong when she was about 7 years old.

At her new school, she had trouble getting along with other kids. She didn't speak the language that they spoke... Well she wasn't very good at it. She shyed herself away from others because she felt embarrassed, and that she would be made fun of. Her mother was worried about her little girl, and decided to teach Mint how to bake treats. So that she could bring them to school to share with the other little boys and girls. To Mint's surprise her class loved the treats she made. She didn't feel embarrassed being around her class mates anymore. In fact, she was quite popular in class because she somehow managed to get along with almost everyone.

Up to middle school, Mint had kept her group of friends from elementary. By this time, she had improved her language skills significantly, but still struggles in class. Nothing had really changed for her. She tried to join sports teams and clubs, but despite how active she is her skills were always lacking in a way. She blamed her height for not being able to accomplish what her class mates could. Often making excuses whether if they were real or not.

When it was time to leave middle school. Mint left her group of friends and applied to a nearby school called doubutsu high. Her father had recommended it since it was close by and had a nice atmosphere. At first she was doubtful about the idea of leaving her friends, and whether she would be good enough to enter. However, on the other hand. Her friends either went to schools that were further away or prestigious. After thinking it over for a month or two, Mint decided that it couldn't hurt. She would meet new people and make new friends...

Club: Cooking


▶》Personal: 20
▶》Club: 0
▶》Class: 0

Extra information:
▶》Mint's Chinese name is rather silly. 曾 is her surname "Tsang" and 薄荷 literally means "Mint". So rather then having a meaningful Chinese name, her Chinese name is just a translation.
▶》 Becoming a world renowned chef is one of her biggest dreams. She wishes to bring happiness to the people she cooks for.
▶》 Fashion and design is something that she takes interest in. She was introduced to fashion by a friend in middle school.
▶》 She feels more comfortable around people around her age. She's a little shy around handsome men, and women.
▶》 She cares quite a bit about how she looks, and would try to be healthy. Despite her bad eating habits.
▶》 When she greets people, she tends to say "HI! HI!" 

Mint Tsang© Pork-Bunny

25/04/14: Revamped and entering a new RP group with this bby.
22/09/13 - Added some information to her background
10/09/2013/: New application, information and over all design. The old application can be found here
03/02/2013/: Revamping about me section
26/01/2013: Updated Information and character design
22/03/12: New reference
10/01/12 : Plz account MintTsang-plz
15/12/11: Edited information

- - - - - - - -
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Painttool Sai, photoshop CS5, and wacom bamboo splash
Please do not use my art, trace, heavily reference, steal, and etc...
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